We are a 24/7 running RPG/PVP server with races, magic, and epic quests.

Choose one of the following races when you join the server:

Brute (slow in combat, strong with axes, takes no lava damage),
Human (can't drown, strong with swords, faster, can jump higher),
Dark Elf (Fast health regeneration, can't be poisoned),
Elves (Faster, High jumps, good with bows, weak with any other weapons, no fall damage).

Each race has its own town with daily quests and special shops. We are using a Quest Points system to reward
players for the completion of quests. The quests can be divided into two different main groups: Daily Quests,
Unique Quests. The daily quests are relatively short and can be done once per day, their rewards are small though.
The Unique Quests are whole story lines which are relavively tricky to complete but give you high rewards.
Factions are free to build an embassy in the spawn city Agrabah. Agrabah is a safe haven where they can store
their valuabal items. Everywhere else their base can always get raided! So be carefull and make sure you survive.
There is also a neutral faction for players who don't like to pvp.

A retail version of MINECRAFT is required to play on the SakiMaki server.
To purchase MINECRAFT visit

Want to join us in our adventure?

1. Select Multiplayer