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Running a stable community like SakiMaki costs hundreds of dollars per year. We use your donations to help pay for the Server Hosting, Web Hosting, Voice Server and Advertisements..Any money left over is used to pay for upgrades, or is saved for the next billing period.
How long does it take to get rewarded?

Donating via Buycraft immediately gets you the rewards as soon as you have finished payment. Donating via Nitrado may take up to a day, but I promise you that it won't be any longer

I picked the package I want to donate for - what now?

After you've selected the package you wish to donate for, enter your Minecraft IGN and click continue.  Review your order and pay via Paypal. You will be rewarded shortly after your donation has been processed (Might take up to 5 minutes to process).
If you're upgrading to another package, please let us know your what you're upgrading from and to in the Additional Notes when donating. Preferably donate the amount between the packages via Nitrado instead of using Buycraft. That will make it easier for all of us


Sponsor Packages

Recruit 10.00 USD
Soldier 20.00 USD
Officer 30.00 USD
Commander 50.00 USD
Herobrine - Enchanted Armor Set 50.00 USD
Monster Spawner 5.00 USD
Log Block 2.00 USD